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Fairtrade in Bexhill

Fairtrade in Bexhill in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

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Jack Doherty
14 Sep 2006

Chris: Dear Chris, I remember replying to your message --thank you ---but it was probably on personal e mail address. ( however if I did not ....)
Congrats on your business, and you are one of a number helping others to trade fairly and enjoy a good product !
Many shops now are responding to "thinking " shoppers and selling Fairtrade goods, please refer for some. There are at least 3 large suppliers who deliver to Bexhill and district each week ( eg Herbert and Wards, Partners Tea and Coffee, Infinity Foods, etc ). The Fairtrade Committee and or myself would be only too pleased to assist you in any way --- please contact us for any specific request, or info on Fairtrade. Many thanks again and good luck.

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Jack Doherty
9 May 2006

There is alot of interest in Fairtrade in Bexhill --shops,cafes,businesses, schools, churches, etc. Not least the Town Hall which uses only Fairtrade tea and coffee as appropriate. There are a number of people who would like to obtain Bexhill Fairtrade Town status here to coordinate the development. If you are interested / have any relevant views please e-mail. Just drinking a cup of Fairtrade tea/coffee can make poverty history for a small farmer and his family -amazing! thanks.

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